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Lin Feng naturally had the support from countless people of Aslan. Even the supporters of Saruman Snake did not dislike the Sword Shield Rose battle team. An impeccable team, strong and outstanding!


In the battle of Arbiter’s Iron and Steel College’s battle team against the Cancer Alliance’s Infinite Stars battle team, it had been three rounds of blood oppression.


This time, Ouyang Chuanyuns spear was not knocked out of his hands. The two spears collided, and during the collision, Achilles used his hidden force, but it was absorbed by the opponent.


The generals from various countries did not mind these things. They could directly see these warriors’ Ability X peak, their tenacity, as well as their connectivity with the world.


The black aura of the blade split the air. Stabbing… anything that was swept past felt like it had been cauterized, leaving a sea of charred black.


Since the power had already been awakened, it needed to be conquered. This interstellar Aslan Empire was setting sail, and Kashawen was the captain of the ship now. She would do her best now, and let Aina and Lin Feng lead Aslan into further glory in the future.

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Mu Zhen was also somewhat shocked. He was just stunned by the energy bombardment and was knocked out for a moment. How was it that when he recovered, the match was over???


The interchanging of the power of the five elements was not an issue for either of them. Wang Zheng was not the only person who knew how to use the compound power of ice and fire. Lin Feng could also use Mirror Reflection and the rest of the powers. On the other hand, confronted with the reverse devouring of the Flames of the Blazing Angel, Wang Zhengs Knight of Holy Light had almost absorbed half of it, and this was using the body to absorb directly. This meant that Wang Zhengs understanding of the Ability X was no less than that of Achilles.


A discussion may still be possible for the other people, but if it was Jondi Lilick, no matter who was in that position, they had to be careful.


The entire world seemed to have frozen at this moment in time. Everyones hearts were beating very rapidly, completely uncontrollable. It was as if they would jump out of their chests.


Yan Xiaosu was very grateful, and this was not just about his dignity. In the past, both sides had worked closely and built profitable foundations, and they had remembered their time together.


Zhang Zhun suppressed the roiling energy within his body. He looked at Wang Zheng. A complete set of attack and defense, and yet his expression had not even changed. That body was truly a beast.


If it had been an ordinary person in his place, they would have died. If not for the last second halt from the system choosing the safest first judgement, Mars would have really died.



Impossible. Although Wang Zheng’s body was strong, he did not have the muscle to do it. More accurately, his muscles were not sufficiently developed to do such refined defenses. For example, Wang Zheng’s attack just now had been repelled by thick muscles.



“Our Princess does not like cosmetics, but conflict. She will give her full attention to this SIG. Hopefully, she can find her match. I think the most eminent of young men are here, and there surely will be one for her.”


This, to Kashawen, seemed to be the funniest joke. No one can do as he pleases in this world. Your father couldnt, I couldnt, neither can you. This is the life of the royal family. Do you think that he has won? Just look at him. Look at Saruman Snake. They will be up against Atlantis next. If he defeats the Atlanteans, he will meet Lin Feng. What do you think he can do to win then? Or do you think that Lin Feng and the Sword Shield Rose battle team that represents the mighty Aslan is so vulnerable?


Neither Wang Zheng nor Aragorn were power-type warriors. However, they were top-class warriors, so even power-type warriors could not compare to them.

  • The Light of the Knight Arena was rather well-equipped. They had taken into consideration the audience in the back rows and the upper levels. There were huge holographic 5D images, equipped with specialised technical analysis and energy meters. The various equipment was still being adjusted. The entire arena was under the energy shield, including thirty meters underground and beyond. It would provide protection from the heavy weapons.
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