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The opponent was terrorized once again in this battle. Despite González’s used of the PPO, he was still defeated by Wang Zheng. This was indeed strange.


Everyone could feel it, and this was uncontrollable. At most, it was to pretend or otherwise. Even the Arbiters were the same. There was no such large-scale battle between the military schools, and the highest level was the IG, but the IG also had its limits. It was the first time this had happened in the eyes of the public.


Everyone laughed loudly. The students from Astina Military College also laughed loudly. This had nothing to do with them. They were merely enjoying the show. Actually, it had not even been that exciting.


This was not a situation of strength or weakness, but also an issue of identity. This SIG was not merely a battle but also a stage. Only a battlefield was considered real battlefield. The other battles would be more meaningful. Like the warriors of the Sword Shield Rose battle team all had very high emotional intelligence and combat values.


On the contrary, the mainstream ruling class of the Milky Way Alliance were the rebels. They had hoped for the creation of miracles.


This was his Ability X. However, Hu Ya stopped for a while instead. That had been a complete dupe kick – it was used for the sake of luring Zhang Shan to use teleportation. Zhang Shan had taken the bait as expected.

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However, many of this year’s SIG captains were the key objects of grooming, either by their countries or by their families. Unlike the ordinary warriors, they were destined to embark on the ruling class in the future. Ai Zhengyang was one of them. From the former “prodigy son” of the Aishi Financial Group, to the current object of grooming, Ai Zhengyang had also taken an outstanding route. Cold and handsome with chiseled features, he was ranked top three in the best-looking list at SIG. Of course, he had more supporters too. The ladies of Aslan placed very high standards on appearances. Based on reputation, the Hail Cloud Alliance was stronger than the Big Bear Federation as well.


Back then at IG, Lieutenant General Bolet had favored Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng’s unearthing had brought the name of Golden Wheel Battle King to the world. And now everyone only remembered the Golden Wheel Battle King, but who still recalled the person who had re-discovered it?


Witnessing the rapid growth of Wang Zheng, how could he – Achilles – not be anxious?


After “bitter fighting” for Saruman Snake, the arena was hot. There was some back and forth, and then Saruman Snake prevailed.


As the heart rates of the three members calmed down, alongside the interference of the cold, the magical thistles unwillingly calmed down.


González laughed. He did not believe that there was any one in this world who could withstand the full power of the hell fire.


To deal with a trait-type, you must be aware of the opponent’s abilities in advance so that you could target them. For example, when used for the first time, Luo Fei’s phagocytic ability was virtually invincible, but once it was used again, you could always find a solution.



Xie Yuxin shrugged his shoulders. My wristband was undone by him as well. Although I dont know what rank he may be in the Sacred Religion, he is definitely not a normal person. Actually, I wanted to attack him initially, but there was no chance for me.



Zhang Shan appeared behind the Hunting Demons. Montero stared at him savagely. This a**hole was trying his dirty tricks. How childish!


Using full force to pressure the Saruman Snake and kill Wang Zheng in front of Aina was how an Arbiter man would prove himself. As for whether Aina liked it or not, he couldn’t care less. Women were meant to be owned and enjoyed.


This method would not work since they had come this far. It was obviously not possible to deceive herself any longer. What was difficult was the fact that Wang Zheng was no longer merely a simple student. She could not easily control him. As long as there was no sudden dip in his performance in the finals, he would be the most popular person this year in the Milky Way Alliance.

  • “No way. Dong Er, you like these types?” Huiyin asked.
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