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Wang Zheng did not put up any resistance when his mental power was threatened by the opponent’s successive waves of suppression. Instead, he was accumulating, leveraging, suppressing his mental strength, and suppressing that counterattack!


Almost immediately, Fatty’s whole body was drenched thoroughly. A suffocating fear came through. If he lost, the Dynasty battle team would be finished. Upon thinking of Lear’s look, it would be like the end of the world for Luo Fei.


The Runic Matrix technique is really good actually. It could be used as a transition under the current cosmic energy. Its a good route to heaven, Charcoal explained.


Lin Feng’s battle team and Aslan’s trump card. Although the Radiance battle team was strong, it felt like they would still be unable to stop the Sword Shield Rose Rider battle team’s advancement. The Sword Shield Rose Rider battle team had a success rate of ninety percent.


Although the road to this SIG has been rough, it was the first time in many years that such a large-scale military competition had taken place, and at the same time, it had been opened to the public. The organizing committee underestimated the desire of the average person’s desire to understand the “secret.”


Lie Xins body shuddered. As blood flowed from the corner of her mouth, whatever her opponent was trying to do, it made sense. However, the problem was, what was she going to do?

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On an actual battlefield, this was a provision that most of the military schools did not have, and it was also where it would best reflect the true strength of the team.


“Zhang Shan, don’t shake your legs!” Lie Xin could not help but say. Why was this guy like a pendulum?


The composed Rune Warrior gently raised the Rune Sword and placed it in front of its chest, and swept. “Pabilsag, the fifth guard of the temple. Pleased to meet you.”


The Sacred Religion is holding a grand ceremony for the appearance of the Oracle. The process is very interesting. But as you know, to experience this process, you need to have enough power, or rather, to survive till the very end, said the Second Elder.


Wang Zheng’s eyes were analyzing the flaming wall. It was not actually a fire wall. It was a compound ability; it was the combination of wind and fire. However, Lin Feng’s control was quite startling. He could actually combine the two abilities to turn into a third form.


The audience members who had pinned their hopes on Wang Zheng were silent after his choice. Wind God or Hercules anything would have sufficed. Use something that he was skilled at. Not something that others were good at and that he would be good at too.


Wang Zheng’s both hands were in front of his chest. With each move, he dispersed Mars’ terrifying power. Mars’ attacks became more and more frenzied, until his fists seemed to disappear. But Wang Zheng’s defenses were still impenetrable. It looked languid, but he was actually moving just as quickly.



Wang Zheng had chosen firm resistance, whilst Luo Fei had chosen to weaken the opponent. The difficulty level was, without doubt, not any lesser. Luo Fei’s Ability X would need to reach the stage where he could interfere and at the same time, rely on his “eating” to prevent Mars’ blade aura from coming into play.



And Zhang Zhun believed that Wang Zheng was the rare specialist of this, and was even stronger than some mentors. The rise of physical power had come in the last few years, suddenly blossoming. Although many had trained it in the past, they were used to strengthening the body, and those obsessed with Ability X were the majority.


Tactics-wise, it indeed show-cased the calmness of the Aslan people. At this moment, everyone realized that the earlier madness was a tactic to deceive his opponent.


Everyone thought this was only natural. This was always the situation with the Solar System.

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